Deceuninck profile :

The company is active in over 91 countries with 21 warehouses and 15 production sites supported by 3,682 employees; the headquarters and coordination centre of the Group is located in Hooglede-Gits (Roeselare), Belgium and is quoted on the Euronext stock exchange.

Deceuninck specifications :


dedicated frame, sash and transom/mullion profiles


main profiles supplied with high-performance integral multifunctional seal/gasket unique arrow foot design woolpile (3rd seal)


galvanised steel profiles optimised for strength, rigidity and hardware fixingthermal reinforcement option for the outer frame

قطاع ديكونيك :

تعمل الشركة في أكثر من 91 دولة مع 21 مستودعًا و 15 موقع إنتاج يدعمها 3682 موظفًا ؛ يقع المقر الرئيسي والمركز التنسيقي للمجموعة في بلجيكا